Preview of our Welcome Packet from ProDPI


As photographers, we need to get the word out.

At our studio, we have found word of mouth to be the best kind of advertising. However, we also know that if you're looking to book with us, you may need more information. Plus, everyone loves getting a pretty welcome packet in the mail, right?


My search for printers started with the print shops I used when I was a full time graphic designer. Surprisingly, it was super hard to find a square 6-panel accordion fold brochure that came standard! It would have been considered a special job.

Somehow, it wasn't adding up. I saw these brochures all over Pinterest and templates on Etsy. They must be found somewhere...


With more research, I finally got the scoop. These are called "print release" materials. I browsed around on the sites of the most popular print labs: ProDPINation's Photo Lab, and Miller's Lab.  (If you're a long time photographer reading this, I'm sure this is old news to you. But I was so excited to finally find what I was looking for!) 


Now apparently, when photographers get something printed, they use a special computer program called ROES. Each lab has their own version, it can be easily downloaded for free and most print labs (including ProDPI) have step-by-step instructions on their websites.

When I registered on ProDPI, I was surprised with some cute paper samples in the mail, including coupons and ideas for press materials. The order we placed with them was printed beautifully with a perfect match of the colors we saw on our computer screen.

I was impressed! The order even came quickly, with envelopes (although, we opted for these gorgeous navy matte envelopes from Anticipate Invitations).


Even though I had a great experience with ProDPI, I will probably still do reviews for Nation's Photo Lab and Miller's Lab in the future. Just to see if there is a difference.


FYI, this is NOT a sponsored post. We just wanted to share our personal opinion with you about their services. ProDPI didn’t ask us to write this, we don’t get any incentives if you purchase from them. We just love to promote the companies that are good to us, as our lovely engaged + married couples do for us!